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CDROM issue

I'm a Linux newbie and could use some help.

I'm installing Debian 2.0 on a 486 with Phoenix Bios and have a much newer
newmax 32X CDROM.

So far, we have the Kernel installed and have a prompt.  We installed by
making a floppy image of resc1440 from the CD and were able to use the CDROM
to install the "base" files.

Running dselect to install app packages from CDROM queries "enter block
device name []: "

We can't figure out which device name to use.  Also,  mount  doesn't show
the cdrom (as being mounted).  Can't determine which mount arguments work
with our cdrom.

I also don't get how we were able to use the CDROM during install in the
first place...



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