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Re: "install" running recursively..?

Alexander Koch wrote:
> I have a source which has "samples/admin/" as a dir.
> Now I want to have a simple
> install -m 644 samples/* $(tmp)/usr/doc/$(pkg)/examples
> without touching the admin/ subdir at all.
> All I get is:
> |install: `samples/adm' is a directory
> |make: *** [binary-arch] Error 1
> Any hints? How to make that one recursively?

I doubt if `install' can be tought to work recursively, but you could do
something like this:

  for file in `find samples -type f`; do \
     install -m 644 file $(tmp)/usr/doc/$(pkg)/examples; \

which should do the trick as well (I didn't test it :/ ).


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