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Re: Which are the permitions for /dev/tty?

mode 666 should be korrekt for /dev/tty 
(it's a kernel redirektor to the real tty of one program. any program should
 be able ro read/write to it. at least this is how i understand stevens, unix
 network programming (volume 1), page 36.

i strongly recommend to drop group "sys" at all : it's of no use.
(only device files are owned by it - group "root" would suite better, 
 since there are no setgid sys applications, and allowing read/write
 is as good or bad as gigving someone your root password. at least you
 can crash X via group sys (mouse devices), in some cases the whole machine,
 you have access to isdn and to all tty* and pty* devices. so sniffing other 
 peoples telnet/whatever connections is possible via this).

sure, group sys doesn't hurt. unless you forget somewhere to block access to
it. for example nfsd only protects root.root by default. it doesn't know
group sys...

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