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Re: Question about conflicts

On Sat, 13 Mar 1999, Julian Gilbey wrote:

> > It is technically possible to make package A to conflict with releases of
> > B earlier than "p" and also with all releases of B between "r" and "s"
> > but not with release "q" of B (where p < q < r < s)?
> > 
> > Thanks.
> Could you not simply say that your package conflicts with all versions
> <= s and be done with it?

Would this be really the right thing to do?

The situation is the following:

p is version in bo.
q is version in hamm.
r to s are releases from the (slink) frozen stage.
There is also a version t > s which is the slink version.

In addition to the conflicts, there is also a replaces (this is important).

If I upgrade from hamm to slink and A conflicts with everything <= s, and
the upgrade method (for example, ftp) does not make package ordering, it
may happen that A is upgraded before B, and then package B is
automagically and misteriously removed, since A conflicts and replaces
with it.

Which would be the best way to avoid this to happen?


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