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Shared libraries and symlinks

This is my first post - hope this works...

The scenario:
I'm trying to install KDE 1.1 on Debian 2.1.  The KDE .deb files depend on
libqt 1.42.  Debian ships 1.40.  (Of course, I know _now_ that 1.42 is in
unstable, but in the meantime, I've got interested in this problem - and I'd
like to use this method to fix similar problems in future when maybe there
isn't an unstable version).

So, I thought, I'll get QT 1.42 from Troll (easy to build, works great), and
then build my own (internal use only, no PGP stuff, etc) libqt_1.42 package
to keep dpkg happy.  (I don't like to use --force-depends, that way you miss
other, more important dependencies).

Well, I've been hacking my way through the "how to build .deb"
documentation.  I think at the end of this, I shall write my own, but that's
another story.  They all, of course, discourage you from doing a shared
library as your first package!

I decided as my benchmark of my package to see if I could convince lintian
to OK it.  It's certainly educational - lintian seems to set very high

Currently my problem (we're getting to the question now :-} ) is the
symlink.  I need to provide a symlink libqt.so.1 to the file libqt.so.1.42.
But this has to be after the shared library file in the archive.  Can anyone
supply an example of a rules file which does this ?  Section 12 of the
packaging manual is rather obscure in this area.  Better still, could
someone provide an example rules file for a shared library binary ?

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Nick Brown, Strasbourg, France (Nick(dot)Brown(at)coe(dot)fr)

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> In the debian/control file. Download any non-free or contrib package
> source
> and look at the files in the debian subdirectory.
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