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RE: Shared libraries and symlinks

On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, BROWN Nick wrote:

> Yes, please, tell me what that file means ?!  (Or better still, point me at
> the right page of the FM)

The diff.gz is the compressed diff required to go from upstream tarball
(.orig.tar.gz) to buildable debian tree.

To unpack, you do

dpkg-source -x <...>.dsc

To unpack by hand, should you need to (for example, to apply the old patch
to a newer version of the source)

tar xvzf <...>.orig.tar.gz
cd <....>
zcat ../<...>.diff.gz | patch -p1

To simply review and ponder the debian diffs, so you can see what changes
will be made, 

zless ../<...>.diff.gz

(If you're not familiar with the unified diff format, this may not be
clear, but it's fairly intuitive).

The correct FM is probably the packaging-manual, which is on the web
pages, and available as a debian package. Section 3.3 goes into some
detail on the roles of the 3 files.


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