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Re: Testing for existance of a file.

In foo.debian-mentors, you wrote:
> *SO*
> 1)  What I'd like to do is try removing it's depends on
> kbd and/or kbd-compat (at least for my trial
> versions) and rebuild until it works (retesting it's
> deps) -- I'll leave it's conflicts in, but
> I think it only depended because of the fonts -- which it contains.
> 2)  At the same time, I'd like to somehow run some type of
> test somewhere that checks for the
> existance of the 3 font-files that exist in svgatextmode and
> in console-tools-data.  Basically,
> if the user has console-tools-data installed, to leave them,
> but if not, to have svgatextmode
> install it's versions of those fonts.  I dont know how well
> I explained this. hrmmm

What happens if a user removes console-tools-data after having installed
svgatextmode?  Does that break your package?

Also, I don't think it's possible to have files installed conditionally
unless you actually *create* them in your postinst script, like
a "here document".  This doesn't seem to work with fonts well.


BTW - Does svgatextmode have a setting for 80 cols?  Your message is

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