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Re: /usr/bin vs /usr/sbin

On Mon, Mar 01, 1999 at 01:51:58PM +0000, Ben Bell wrote:
> Debian is a Linux.

This is not true.  Debian is an operating system distribution.  Linux is
just an operating system kernel.

Debian uses Linux, this is true.  Currently all released versions
of Debian use Linux, this is true too, but this is going to change.
We already have a porting effort underway to create a Debian based on
the Hurd.  That version of Debian will not use Linux.  We also have
been discussing about porting Debian to one or more of the BSD kernels.
That port, if it ever ceases to be vaporware, will not use Linux.

> Original designs get corrupted - which is why we have a formalised FSSTND,
> and why we should stick to whatever it says.

One of our decided goals is to move away from FSSTND, replacing it with
the FHS (sp?).

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