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Re: revokeing rights

On Wed, 24 Mar 1999, Stephen Carpenter wrote:

> I want to patch xfstt to give up its root privs after it has opened and
> written to its database...that way, by the time it is servicing users
> it is running as a user process.
> My first thought was to hard cod it to at some point change its UID to
> nobody...I havn't been able to make this work though :(
> I really wannawrite this ..but am a bit stumped. 
> How woudl you suggest going about doing this? 
> My thought was a command line option to specify a username to change to...
> then getpwent to find it and then set UID GID etc to it. 
> What is the proper call to change UID/GID? 

POSIX: setuid() .
Don't use seteuid() .
> is there an easy way to add this? 
> btw I would apreciate a CC onm any replies...I sometimes miss list
> discussions do to lack of time to read them.

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