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application-specific shared libs?

> First one: it means you have a shared library in your package without
> providing dependency information about it.  In this case it shouldn't
> cause a problem because the shared object looks like it'll only be
> used by rosegarden.
Aha.  Fixed,  thanks.

Can anybody give me a rundown on the policy about application-specific
shared libraries?  Petal.so provides an internal Rosegarden scripting
language,  which is pretty useless without Rosegarden.  Should I still
split it into libpetal and libpetal-dev?  Right now I've just been dumping
Petal.so into /usr/X11R6/lib/rosegarden ...

It's also a tcl library.  Which means you don't generally link C code to
it -- so would it need a -dev package?


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