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Re: Accepted wesnoth-1.10 1:1.10.3-3+deb7u2 (source amd64 all) into oldstable-proposed-updates->oldstable-new, oldstable-proposed-updates Re: Adding support for LZIP to dpkg, using that instead of xz, archive wide Ad-hoc survey of existing Debian git integration tools BD-Uninstallable due to circullar dependency Re: Bug#790399: ITP: structlog -- tructured Logging for Python Re: Bug#790685: ITP: python-conditional -- conditionally enter a context manager Bug#790717: ITP: r-cran-seqinr -- GNU R biological sequences retrieval and analysis Bug#790723: ITP: redmine-plugin-local-avatars -- Redmine plugin to add local avatar support Bug#790803: ITP: neural -- machine-learning for atomistics Bug#790814: ITP: kanboard -- A PHP project management system with a kanban workflow style interface and various integrations. Bug#790872: ITP: python-easywebdav -- a straight-forward WebDAV client Bug#790873: ITP: notmuch-addrlookup - Adress lookup tool for Notmuch Bug#790876: ITP: ruby-devise-token-authenticatable -- token based authentication for devise Bug#790897: ITP: rla-es -- hunspell-es-pe Bug#790898: ITP: python-macholib -- Python module for Mach-O header analysis and editing Bug#790902: ITP: geronimo-ejb-3.2-spec -- Apache Geronimo EJB 3.2 API Bug#790904: ITP: python-altgraph -- Python graph (network) package Bug#790926: ITP: rdp-classifier -- extensible sequence classifier for fungal lsu, bacterial and archaeal 16s Bug#790933: ITP: drive - Google Drive tool Bug#790971: ITP: ruby-redis-actionpack -- Redis session store for ActionPack Bug#791359: ITP: ruby-rqrcode-rails3 -- render QR codes with Rails 3 Bug#791376: ITP: cycler -- composable style cycles Bug#791406: ITP: ruby-unicorn-worker-killer -- library to kill unicorn workers by memory and request counts Bug#791483: ITP: r-cran-r.oo -- GNU R object-oriented programming with or without references Bug#791536: general: Debian 7.8 running EXTREMELY slow. Like chronic stop script error. Bug#791536: marked as done (general: Debian 7.8 running EXTREMELY slow. Like chronic stop script error.) Bug#791564: ITP: linpac -- A packet terminal program Bug#791608: ITP: minizinc -- Constraint modelling language and tool chain Bug#791658: ITP: uutf -- OCaml UTF streaming codec Bug#791675: ITP: django-celery-transactions -- Django transaction support for Celery tasks Bug#791679: ITP: pdftables -- parse PDFs and extracts what it believes to be tables Bug#791683: ITP: pynliner -- CSS-to-inline-styles conversion tool for HTML Bug#791684: ITP: python-tornadorpc -- library for XML/JSON RPC using the Tornado framework Bug#791695: ITP: libdevel-overloadinfo-perl -- module to introspect overloaded operators Bug#791700: ITP: libtest-deep-type-perl -- Test::Deep plugin for validating type constraints Bug#791701: ITP: ruby-omniauth-saml -- a generic SAML strategy for OmniAuth Bug#791720: ITP: prometheus-pushgateway -- Prometheus exporter for ephemereal jobs Bug#791723: ITP: apache-log4j-extras1.2 -- Extras for Apache log4j Bug#791790: ITP: python-linecache2 -- backports of the linecache module Bug#791791: ITP: python-traceback2 -- backports of the traceback module Bug#791797: ITP: btrbk -- Backup tool for btrfs volumes Bug#791809: ITP: arctic -- high performance datastore for time series and tick data Bug#791821: ITP: python-junit-xml -- creates JUnit XML test result documents that can be read by tools such as Jenkins Bug#791854: ITP: r-cran-crayon -- GNU R colored terminal output Bug#791857: ITP: daemonize -- tool to run a command as a daemon Bug#792031: ITP: pkwalify -- perl kwalify schema validator Bug#792072: ITP: libmime-lite-tt-html-perl -- create html mail with MIME::Lite and TT Bug#792075: ITP: git-lfs -- Git Large File Support. An open source Git extension for versioning large files Bug#792077: ITP: libtext-markup-perl -- Parse text markup into HTML Bug#792079: ITP: libparse-bbcode-perl -- Perl module to parse BBCode and render it as HTML or text Bug#792082: ITP: libtext-mediawikiformat-perl -- Convert Mediawiki markup into other text formats Bug#792087: ITP: hyphy -- Hypothesis testing using Phylogenies (GTK+ gui) Bug#792101: ITP: gogs -- Gogs is a self hosted service aiming to provide a similar set of features to gitlab and github. Bug#792112: ITP: ruby-faker -- easily generate fake data Bug#792213: ITP: wmsysmon -- WindowMaker dock-app for monitoring your system Bug#792228: ITP: termdebug -- Tools for recording and replaying terminal I/O Bug#792249: ITP: python-crank -- dispatch mechanism for use across frameworks Bug#792278: ITP: python-gearbox -- command line toolkit as a PasteScript replacement TurboGears2 Bug#792279: ITP: nilearn -- fast and easy statistical learning on neuroimaging data Bug#792300: ITP: ruby-devise-two-factor -- Barebones two-factor authentication with Devise Bug#792317: ITP: python-afl -- American fuzzy loop for Python Bug#792322: ITP: smc-java -- State Machine Compiler Bug#792324: ITP: wmtop -- dockapp that displays 3 top memory or CPU using processes Bug#792335: ITP: plaso -- super timeline all the things Bug#792337: ITP: libesedb -- Extensible Storage Engine DB access library Bug#792338: ITP: libevt -- Windows Event Log (EVT) format access library Bug#792339: ITP: libfwsi -- Windows Shell Item format access library Bug#792340: ITP: liblnk -- Windows Shortcut File format access library Bug#792341: ITP: libmsiecf -- Microsoft Internet Explorer Cache File access library Bug#792342: ITP: libolecf -- OLE2 Compound File format access library Bug#792343: ITP: libqcow -- QEMU Copy-On-Write image format access library Bug#792344: ITP: libregf -- Windows NT Registry File (REGF) format access library Bug#792345: ITP: libsmdev -- storage media device access library Bug#792346: ITP: libsmraw -- split RAW image format access library Bug#792347: ITP: libvhdi -- Virtual Hard Disk image format access library Bug#792348: ITP: libvmdk -- VMWare Virtual Disk format access library Bug#792349: ITP: libvshadow -- Volume Shadow Snapshot format access library Bug#792350: ITP: dfvfs -- Digital Forensics Virtual File System Bug#792355: ITP: libevtx -- Windows XML Event Log format access library Bug#792411: ITP: r-cran-caret -- GNU R package for classification and regression training Bug#792455: ITP: golang-github-ugorji-go-codec -- encode/decode and rpc library for msgpack, binc, cbor and json Bug#792488: ITP: libtext-levenshtein-damerau-perl -- Edit distance calculator with Damerau Levenshtein algorithm Bug#792497: ITP: python-fasteners -- provides useful locks Bug#792500: ITP: python-futurist -- useful additions to futures, from the future Bug#792534: ITP: pd-flext -- Flext C++ external layer for Pd (and similar) Bug#792539: ITP: python-mapnik -- Python interface to the mapnik library Bug#792565: ITP: reactive-streams -- Standard for asynchronous stream processing with non-blocking backpressure Bug#792584: ITP: spdylay -- Implementation of Google's SPDY protocol in C Bug#792603: ITP: openhft-compiler -- Java Runtime Compiler library Bug#792608: ITP: retroarch -- official reference frontend for the libretro API Bug#792611: ITP: openhft-lang -- High Performance Java library for High Frequency Trading Bug#792630: ITP: openhft-chronicle-queue -- Java library for persisted low latency messaging Bug#792660: ITP: cups-x2go -- Virtual X2Go printer for CUPS Bug#792664: ITP: ori -- secure distributed file system Bug#792680: ITP: flask-flatpages -- Provides flat static pages to a Flask application. Bug#792683: RFP: geronimo-interceptor-1.1-spec -- Geronimo API implementation of the Interceptor 1.1 spec Bug#792686: RFP: geronimo-atinject-1.0-spec -- Geronimo API implementation of the AtInject 1.0 spec Bug#792690: RFP: geronimo-jcache-1.0-spec -- Geronimo API implementation of the JCache 1.0 spec Bug#792691: RFP: geronimo-jcdi-1.0-spec -- Geronimo API implementation of the JCDI 1.0 spec Bug#792751: ITP: e2fslibs1.41-dev -- legacy ext2/ext3/ext4 file system development libraries Bug#792756: ITP: r-cran-r.utils -- GNU R various programming utilities Bug#792760: RFP: icedove-thunderlink -- Link to email by Message-ID Bug#792784: ITP: pytest-localserver -- plugin for py.test to test server connections locally Bug#792836: ITP: circe -- Client for IRC in Emacs Bug#792888: ITP: pytsk -- Python Bindings for The Sleuth Kit Bug#792900: ITP: cpluff -- C-Pluff, a plug-in framework for C - runtime library Bug#792903: ITP: hdump -- Hexadecimal and ASCII dumper for binary files Bug#792919: ITP: pytest-tornado -- py.test plugin for testing Tornado applications Bug#792931: ITP: libsigscan -- library for binary signature scanning Bug#792948: ITP: stringtemplate4 -- StringTemplate templating engine for Java Bug#793007: ITP: bandit -- Security oriented static analyzer for python code Bug#793029: general: Copy-paste clipboards: Vim can't write to them anymore or corrupts them. Bug#793029: marked as done (general: Copy-paste clipboards: Vim can't write to them anymore or corrupts them.) Bug#793047: ITP: ruby-maven-libs -- Ruby library that provides access to a maven installation Bug#793056: ITP: uutf -- Non-blocking streaming Unicode codec for OCaml Bug#793057: ITP: godot -- open source MIT licensed game engine Bug#793058: ITP: jsonm -- Non-blocking streaming JSON codec for OCaml Bug#793098: ITP: pfring -- PF_RING is a high-speed packet capture, filtering and analysis framework. Bug#793133: ITP: hawtbuf -- Rich byte buffer library Bug#793140: ITP: golang-github-odeke-em-cli-spinner -- Simple spinner library for command line Bug#793173: ITP: zz bulletin -- Open source, Elegant, Powerful Forums. Bug#793191: ITP: pytest-capturelog -- py.test plugin to capture log messages Bug#793192: ITP: suitename -- categorize each suite in an RNA backbone Bug#793293: ITP: ruby-deep-merge -- recursively merge Hash elements in Ruby Bug#793313: ITP: hawtdispatch -- libdispatch style API for Java and Scala Bug#793327: ITP: mqtt-client -- Java MQTT Client API Bug#793329: ITP: libcec-platform -- CEC Platform support library -- development files Bug#793337: ITP: gs-collections -- Goldman Sachs Collections Bug#793354: ITP: pytest-services -- collection of fixtures and utility functions for py.test Bug#793392: ITP: dcmtkpp -- Wrappers around DCMTK to have an easier API Bug#793393: ITP: lttnganalyses -- LTTng 2.0 trace analysis tools Bug#793395: ITP: binplist -- binary property list parser module Bug#793404: massive waste of CPU time in debian/rules by inline commands Bug#793413: general: No samba config Bug#793413: marked as done (general: No samba config) Bug#793432: ITP: python-wordpress-xmlrpc -- Python library for WordPress XML-RPC integration Bug#793439: ITP: virtualbox-ext-pack -- support for USB 2.0 devices, VirtualBox RDP and PXE boot for Intel cards Bug#793446: ITP: fwupd -- Firmware update daemon Bug#793461: -- Astrometry plate solver Bug#793464: astrometry-data-2mass -- Star catalogs for from 2MASS Bug#793482: ITP: bookkeeper -- Replicated log service Bug#793555: ITP: fonts-babelstone-han -- BabelStone Fonts for Han Bug#793563: ITP: libposix-2008-perl -- Perl interface to POSIX.1-2008 Bug#793578: ITP: ruby-climate-control -- library to easily manage environment variables Bug#793585: ITP: ea-utils -- command-line tools for processing biological sequencing data Bug#793617: ITP: ruby-parse-cron -- parse cron expressions and calculates the next job occurence Bug#793644: ITP: hadoop -- Apache Hadoop distributed processing framework Bug#793686: ITP: r-cran-magrittr -- GNU R forward-pipe operator Bug#793692: ITP: ruby-rspec-logsplit -- library to provide a logger for each example Bug#793703: ITP: ruby-nenv -- convenient wrapper for Ruby's ENV Bug#793733: ITP: minizinc-ide -- MiniZinc constraint modelling language IDE Bug#793755: ITP: python-libarchive-c -- Python interface to libarchive Bug#793756: ITP: python-funcsigs -- function signatures from PEP362 Bug#793759: ITP: pytoml -- A Python parser for TOML Bug#793769: ITP: down -- A simple game written in Ruby/SDL Bug#793785: RFP: libminion-perl -- Minion is a job queue for the Mojolicious real-time web framework with support for multiple backends Bug#793804: ITP: ruby-celluloid-essentials -- internally used Celluloid tools and superstructural dependencies Bug#793807: ITP: asyncssh -- asynchronous client and server implementation of SSHv2 for Python's asyncio Bug#793808: ITP: ruby-celluloid-fsm -- Celluloid Finite State Machines Bug#793810: ITP: ruby-celluloid-pool -- actor pool based on Celluloid Bug#793812: ITP: ruby-celluloid-extras -- Celluloid expansion, testing, and example classes Bug#793868: ITP: python-astropy-affiliated -- Astropy Affiliated packages Bug#793870: ITP: yamm3 -- Yet another megamenu for Bootstrap 3 from Twitter Bug#793907: ITP: tantan -- low complexity and tandem repeat masker for biosequences Bug#793936: ITP: libtemplate-autofilter-perl -- Template::Toolkit subclass with automatic filtering Bug#793949: ITP: libjs-angular-gettext -- gettext utilities for angular.js Bug#793950: ITP: python-xstatic-angular-gettext -- XStatic support for angular-gettext Bug#793963: ITP: rawtran -- RAW photo to FITS converter Bug#793968: ITP: python-burrito -- Python framework for wrapping and controlling command-line applications Bug#793979: ITP: darkradiant -- Level design toolchain for idtech4 based games like DOOM3 and The Dark Mod Bug#793992: ITP: r-bioc-aroma.light -- BioConductor methods normalization and visualization of microarray data Bug#794008: ITP: lua-lanes -- Lua extension library providing the possibility to run multiple Lua states in parallel Bug#794021: ITP: python-skbio -- Python data structures, algorithms, educational resources for bioinformatics Bug#794023: ITP: mopidy-tunein -- Mopidy extension for playing music from TuneIn Bug#794025: ITP: python-functools32 -- Backport of the functools module from Python 3.2.3 to Python 2.7 Bug#794036: ITP: cedar-backup3 -- local and remote backups to CD/DVD media or Amazon S3 storage Bug#794058: ITP: python-bandit -- security linter from OpenStack Security Bug#794062: ITP: python-oslo.cache -- cache storage for Openstack projects Bug#794088: ITP: axe-demultiplexer -- demultiplexes DNA sequencing reads based upon 5' read barcodes Bug#794109: ITP: python-pypandoc -- Python wrapper for pandoc Bug#794112: ITP: python-automaton -- friendly state machines Bug#794125: ITP: mopidy-youtube -- Mopidy extension for playing music from YouTube Bug#794143: ITP: mopidy-local-sqlite -- Mopidy extension for keeping your local library in SQLite Bug#794151: ITP: python-uritools -- RFC 3986 compliant replacement for urlparse Bug#794167: ITP: python-oslo.reports -- reports serialized in various data types Bug#794173: ITP: libdist-zilla-plugin-metaprovides-perl -- Dist::Zilla plugin generating and populating "provides" in your META.yml Bug#794174: ITP: libdist-zilla-util-configdumper-perl -- Dist::Zilla helper utility to dump configurations Bug#794175: ITP: libdist-zilla-util-test-kentnl-perl -- Module to write tests for Dist::Zilla plugins Bug#794177: ITP: librecommended-perl -- Load recommended Perl modules on demand when available Bug#794179: ITP: libdata-dpath-perl -- DPath is like XPath but for Perl data structures Bug#794180: ITP: libiterator-util-perl -- Useful functions for creating and manipulating iterator objects Bug#794181: ITP: libiterator-perl -- Perl implementation of iterators Bug#794211: ITP: libmemory-usage-perl -- Determine actual memory usage of Perl programs Bug#794245: ITP: fonts-monoid -- open source coding font with bitmap-like sharpness Bug#794250: ITP: pgcli -- CLI for PostgreSQL with syntax highlighting and completion Bug#794251: ITP: mycli -- CLI for MySQL/MariaDB with syntax highlighting and completion Bug#794279: ITP: r-bioc-genefilter -- methods for filtering genes from microarray experiments BUG: Debian Jessie as KVM guest on GlusterFS backend BUG: linux-image-4.0.0-* does not detect AR8123 Re: [buildd-tools-devel] sbuild just hangs Cluebat needed: Proper way to reference MathJax.js A couple a questions regarding the packaging Re: [Debconf-announce] DebConf15: Call for keys for keysigning in Heidelberg, Germany Debian books (Was: Bits from the DPL - July) Re: debian-devel-digest Digest V2015 #297 Re: debian github organization ? Re: Debian LSB compliance Debian LSB compliance (was: Re: Standard-producing bodies and Debian) Re: desktop files for xscreensaver hacks in different desktop environments Re: dgit 1.0, available for all users dgit: all users of dgit << 0.30 please upgrade diaspora packaging crowd funded work summary Re: Facilitating external repositories Feature Debian in MeetAdvisors Blog! GCC 5 / libstdc++ abi wiki: can FIXMEs be fixed? Re: GitHub “pull request ” is proprietary, incom patible with Git ‘requ est-pull ’ Re: GitHub “pull request ” is proprietary, incompatible with Git ‘req u est-pull ’ Re: GitHub “pull request ” is proprietary, incompatible with Git ‘requ est-pull ’ Re: GitHub “pull request” is proprietary, incompatible with Git ‘request-pull ’ Re: GitHub “pull request” is proprietary, incompatible with Git ‘request-pull ’ Re: Re: GitHub “pull request” is proprietary, incomp atible with Git ‘request-pull ’ Re: GitHub “pull request” is proprietary, incompatible with Git ‘request-pull ’ Re: GitHub “pull request” is proprietary, incompatible with Git ‘request-pull’ Re: GitHub “pull request” is useful and can be easily integrated'’ Re: Re: GitHub “pull request ” is proprietary, incom patible with Git ‘requ est-pull ’ Re: GitHub “pull request ” is proprietary, incompatible with Git ‘req u est-pull ’ Re: GitHub “pull request ” is proprietary, incompatible with Git ‘requ est-pull ’ Re: GitHub “pull request ” is proprietary, incompatible with Git ‘req u est-pull ’ Re: GitHub “pull request ” is proprietar y, incom patible with Git ‘requ est-pull ’ [and 1 more messages] Re: GitLab B.V. to host free-software GitLab for Debian project (was: debian github organization ?) git repositories for packages and signed pushes Re: Heads up: Upcoming dpkg-buildpackage -j precedence change How to deal with fixed but open bugs, your "problematic" mirrors redirector Huge data files in Debian Re: Is the Debian dependency system broken? (wget vs libgnutls-deb0-28) ITP: blasr -- mapping single-molecule sequencing reads Re: ITP: ITP: golang-github-julienschmidt-httprouter -- High performance HTTP request router for Go that scales well ITP: prometheus-cli - Prometheus command line interface ITP: r-cran-brglm -- GNU R package for bias reduction in binomial-response GLMs Fwd: ITP: yt -- Astrophysical Simulation Analysis and Visualization package jsap in Debian? LFS status, and enabling it opportunistically on next SONAME bump Metapackage dependencies: "Depends" or "Recommends"? Non-DD Access to a devel machine The last update was on 13:46 GMT Wed May 01. There are 698 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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