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Re: BD-Uninstallable due to circullar dependency


Quoting Paul Wise (2015-07-20 07:31:37)
> The general solution for build dependency cycles is build profiles:
> https://wiki.debian.org/BuildProfileSpec

while correct in theory (the syntax is supported by dpkg and apt), the buildds
are not yet able to make use of build profile information to solve build
dependency cycles by themselves.

As far as I know, when uploading multiple new source packages that depend on
each other in a circular fashion, then the only way to solve this for the
builders would be to upload one package with reduced functionality (but without
relying on build profiles for that) to break the cycle, then uploading the
others, breaking cycles as required, and then doing an upload again of all
these packages in their full versions.

To figure out whether a source package is involved in a build dependency
cycles, one can use botch and also dose3 (once the new upstream version 4.0 is
released). I will give some small intro about the topic at debconf during this


cheers, josch

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