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Bug#794245: ITP: fonts-monoid -- open source coding font with bitmap-like sharpness

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Vasudev Kamath <vasudev@copyninja.info>

* Package name    : fonts-monoid
  Version         : 0.60
  Upstream Author : Andreas Larsen
* URL             : http://larsenwork.com/monoid/
* License         : MIT/OFL 1.1
  Programming Lang: font
  Description     : open source coding font with bitmap-like sharpness

 Monoid is customizatble and optimized for coding with bitmap-like
 sharpness at 12px/9pt even on low res display.
 Monoid is semi-condensed and distinguishable glyphs with short ascenders,
 descenders, big appertures and supersized operators, punctuation.
 It comes with regular, bold, oblique and retina versions with >750 latin,
 greek, cyrillic, ligature, alternate and Powerline glyphs.

 I will maintain this package as part of pkg-fonts team.

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