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Re: BD-Uninstallable due to circullar dependency

Julien Cristau <jcristau <at> debian.org> writes:

> It should just be forced despite the bd-uninstallable.  sysvinit-utils
> and util-linux are essential, so they're already in the build chroot, so
> whether a newer version is available and uninstallable doesn't matter.

Not if the B-D is versioned, unfortunately.

Johannes Schauer <josch <at> debian.org> writes:

>while correct in theory (the syntax is supported by dpkg and apt), the buildds
>are not yet able to make use of build profile information to solve build
>dependency cycles by themselves.

It’s actually wanna-build that’s the problem here. But as soon as
you introduce build profiles, wanna-build on dpo completely chokes,
so please don’t do that.

In the current case, it’s a simple matter of either dropping that
Depends (as already recommended) or someone doing a porter upload
of the involved packages.


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