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Re: debian github organization ?

Ben Caradoc-Davies writes ("Re: debian github organization ?"):
> On 19/07/15 23:36, Florian Weimer wrote:
> > The single account policy means that users
> > would have to share authentication information across different roles,
> > which may not be acceptable.
> I am not sure why this would be unacceptable to anyone. Authentication 
> is your ability to prove who you are. GitHub accounts provide this. 

You're talking as if what is identified is a human being.  But of
course, it isn't.  When you do a git push (or whatever) what is pushed
is controlled by the computer you are using.

I would not want to use my workstation at work to push to Debian.  Nor
would I want to have to feed all the pushes I would do during my job
through my netbook so they can be appropriately authorised.

The github authorisation is in terms of ssh keys.  I have ssh keys
that live on my workstation at work.  And I have ones that live on my
own infrastructure.


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