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Re: Ad-hoc survey of existing Debian git integration tools

 ❦ 29 juillet 2015 13:48 +0100, Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> :

>> > If you are an NMUer or a downstream using dgit, you should usually
>> > make plain git commits (with no changes to the patch stack).  dgit
>> > will generate a separate patch for each of your commits.  You should
>> > leave rebasing/squashing/refreshing to the maintainer.  This rule is
>> > necessary because if two developers both rebase/squash/refresh in
>> > parallel, it is difficult to merge their work.
>> OK, so for a regular maintainer using quilt and git-buildpackage, the
>> only change to integrate dgit into the workflow is to replace `gbp
>> buildpackage && dput` with `dgit git-build && dgit push`?
> Maybe.  I'm afraid I don't know for sure how gbp works so it may be
> that the workflow is more complicated.
> I got the impression that gbp normally works with a patches-unapplied
> tree.  Is that correct ?  If so then an additional gbp step may be
> needed, to convert the tree to patches-applied.

There is a patch management system but I think that most people (at
least me) are just using gbp with plain/normal quilt.
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