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Re: GitHub “pull request ” is proprietary, incom patible with Git ‘requ est-pull ’

On 16/07/15 18:14, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Can you point me at the server code, or configuration that handled
> your push ?

Documentation: https://ikiwiki.info/tips/untrusted_git_push/

Implementation (it's a pre-receive hook):


> That commit is on HEAD.  But the request was for the pushed commits to
> land somewhere else.

ikiwiki doesn't currently do what you request, because all it needs for
its current functionality is the ability to accept or decline pushes to
branches; but AIUI the same mechanisms in a pre-receive hook can be used
to divert them elsewhere.

I think this is also how the ability to "git push" to a Gerrit instance
works: you do something like "git push gerrit bug123:refs/for/master",
and gerrit interprets that as a pull request targeting master, and makes
the commits available for review in its web UI.

> The request included the notion that the repo or branch owner would
> get told somehow about the push.

ikiwiki's pre-receive hook doesn't *directly* do that, although it could
(it has the opportunity to do whatever is desired with the git log/diff
that it's receiving).


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