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BUG: Debian Jessie as KVM guest on GlusterFS backend


I'm having problems with installing D8 as KVM guest on GlusterFS storage backend.
I run 4 different proxmox (debian based with RH kernel) nodes and got this problem on every of them.


qemu-server: 3.4-6
pve-qemu-kvm: 2.2-10
glusterfs-client: 3.6.4-1

No matter what I do, I'm not even able to complete the installation process, it stops on random step:

1. on mirror select (just suddenly says, that mirror is not accessible or there is no right version of Debian located)
2. on package installation step (just says that it is not able to solve deps as some pkg was not configured, usually it is python-gtk2 or smt like that).

Once I was lucky enough to install the base system, but ended up with unstable system: apache did't run due to missing modules, while they were at their places, seemed to me like corrupted. Also it seems to me, that files are getting corrupted while installed on glusterfs storage backend.

I can install D8 on local storage without problems. 

There are no error logs on glusterfs side.

Debian 7 installs and runs fine. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS installs and runs fine. Centos 6 installs an runs fine.

Any ideas? This has to be solved somehow. I'm also in contact with GlusterFS users list and wrote to devel list, but was not able to solve it.

I used glusterfs 3.5.4 before, was the same problem.

Where should I report this issue to get it solved? 

Best regards,

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