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Re: Bug#790685: ITP: python-conditional -- conditionally enter a context manager

On Tue, 30 Jun 2015 17:35:46 -0400
Sandro Tosi <morph@debian.org> wrote:

> at work we use it, so why not package it properly instead of keeping a
> private deb?

If I had upstream code which needed this support, I'd just embed it
into the project and update the copyright instead of having a package
for 18 lines in the first place. It's very generic and trivial python,
it just doesn't seem worth the overhead of adding the dependency to
setup.py and pydist-overrides, ensuring that the package gets
backported to jessie etc. likely to find that a bit down the road we'd
need to extend it a little bit more which would be a lot easier to do
with the code not being a package. I wouldn't have thought it would be
worthwhile to put through NEW, to be honest. In fact, even if the
package existed in Debian, I'd expect other projects to simply
implement the functionality inside a larger class instead of
doing an import anyway. It's not as if there's anything truly
innovative in the code which would be identifiable as an embedded copy.

It's a (trivial) snippet, albeit interesting. However, I've used larger
code samples from stackoverflow as the basis for changes to fix bugs
before now. I wouldn't be surprised to find something this small in the
documentation of a larger package (like django).

Embedding is a problem when the code is of an appreciable size or
complexity - this code doesn't qualify on either count. Isn't there a
library into which this can be included instead of wasting mirror space
on the whole packaging overhead? (Listing in Packages.gz, Contents.gz,
mirrors, packages.debian.org and /var/cache/apt/ etc.) Or just add it to
a utils.py in the project which uses it?


Neil Williams

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