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Re: Bug#791857: ITP: daemonize -- tool to run a command as a daemon

On Thu, 9 Jul 2015 13:10:35 -0500
Michael Lustfield <michael@lustfield.net> wrote:

> Of course, we shouldn't expect everyone to use systemd-run because
> that's locking into an init system which should quite obviously be
> avoided.

That, again.

The person who suggested using systemd merely pointed out that the task
of turning a regular process into daemon is trivially solvable using
systemd-run.  This kind of implies that if the OP uses systemd, they
could just read the appropriate manual page and have their task solved.

> It does seem like daemonize serves a very unique purpose where
> start-stop-daemon is a bit overkill or cumbersome. It's obviously
> something that would never be used in an init script where
> start-stop-daemon is actually appropriate. However, I can see a few
> situations where I would launch this from a script. Not only that...
> but I can see myself rewriting some scripts to make use of this if it
> were included in Debian.

Two points:

* It seems you have missed a message in this thread mentioning the
  `daemon` package which is in Debian (since ages) and is able to
  daemonize a regular program.

* Not to bash the maintainers of `start-stop-daemon` but this program
  is sort of a hack as it can't do most of what's expected from a
  daemonizer: it can't capture the standard output streams of the
  child it spawns and redirect them to syslog, and it can't restart the
  child when that dies.

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