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Re: Ad-hoc survey of existing Debian git integration tools

Ian Jackson <ijackson <at> chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> I would like to think some more about the workflows of the existing
> tools people are using to work with Debian and git, so that I can

I tend to have the entire tree “as seen from Debian” in version control,
so I can just throw the .orig.tar.* to ../ and run dpkg-buildpackage with
-i (and possibly -I) and -S.

There are two variants. One does have the patches under debian/patches/
(although this does not mix well with VCS IMO, so I don’t usually use
it), in which case either the applied or unapplied source tree may be
in the VCS. Both are troubling. Not sure which is better, but “applied”
currently appears to be the winner.

The one I use more often uses this:

$ cat debian/source/local-patch-header
Please review changes against upstream code using SCM,
see the Vcs-* tags in debian/control for its location.

$ cat debian/source/local-options

(Note the trailing empty line in local-patch-header.)

The other variant only has debian/ in version control (i.e. an empty
top-level directory). I don’t like this much either, but it’s often

In all cases, wrappers like git-buildpackage are absolutely unnecessary,
as the Debian standard tool dpkg-buildpackage handles them just fine.
(I do use cowbuilder for the actual building in a clean environment.)

Hope this helps.


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