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RE:Ad-hoc survey of existing Debian git integration tools

Hello Ian,

Since we are speaking about workflow. 

I work with instituts who want to maintain internaly their own debian packages and repositories.
The objectif is to maintain sort of 'PPA' in order to be as reactive as possible when deploying the code internally.
Now from time to time it would be great to release officially these packages without too much pain.

So I would like to know how you are envisioning this sort of workflow with dgit ?

A way to have a dgit 'instance' repository internally to an instituts and the connection with the dgit repository of Debian.

These instituts are also upstream developpers and they want to keep the packaging (debian directory) into their upstream git repository.

It is time consuming to maintain in parallele a debian package on alioth and a debian (directory) package in the upstream for the internal purpose of the institut.

sometimes we need to fix the upstream source and it is a lot easier to commit to the upstream and do the packaging from there instead of
generating a .tar.gz, importing this in a separate alioth repository doing the ususal packaging stuffs (copyright, sbuild, lintian piuparts, etc...).

This question also the team working when the packaging is not on the debian infrastructure....

In fine the question is how do we create easy passerelles between upstream repository and the debian infrastructure.

It seems to me that Debian should propose a sort of decentralized github which should allow upstream to setup within a minute a 'PPA' which can be naturally connected and beneficiate of the buildd, autopkg-tests depending on the infrastructure shared with other etc...

I franckly speaking do not have an idea of how all this should be organize but I would like to share my tought with you.



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