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Re: GitHub “pull request” is proprietary, incompatible with Git ‘request-pull ’

Ben Finney writes ("Re: GitHub “pull request” is proprietary, incompatible with Git ‘request-pull ’"):
> My reading of <URL:https://developer.github.com/v3/#authentication>
> leads me to infer there's no way for to submit a GitHub “pull request”
> without having a GitHub account.
> Decentralisation would require that anyone with a Git repository can
> submit a GitHub “pull request” without any need for a GitHub account.
> I'd love to learn if that's possible now.

This subthread is in danger of going off into the weeds.

For the avoidance of any doubt: I was volunteering to do some work if
we can figure out what the work is that needse to be done (and it
seems plausible to me, obviously).

I am (obviously) not volunteering to fix Github itself.  That is not
possible for me, only for Github.

The way I am offering to help is this: there seems to (or some people
are saying there is) a lack of straightforward server-side software
which (i) project maintainers can run on a suitable friendly server
and (ii) contributors who are used to a github workflow can interact
with reasonably easily.

If someone (preferably several people) who want such a thing would
like to (get together and) write a simple specification for what they
want (and how it differs from or plugs into gerrit, gitorious etc.), I
am still offering to write it.

I don't have a need for such a thing myself right now, but I have the
server side implementation experience.  Provided the requirements
don't include too many awkward bells and whistles, I think it ought to
be not too big a job.


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