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Re: GitHub “pull request” is proprietary, incompatible with Git ‘request-pull ’

I realise I'm coming to this conversation late, but:

I have some experience of writing a stunt git push receiver.  I would
be willing to write another.

The rough shape would be something like:

 * Instead of doing git-request-pull, submitter does git push to some
   special URL (perhaps an ssh git url, or perhaps a git:// one).

 * Software behind the url stores the incoming branch in an invented
   branch name in the master repo, so that `git fetch' can see it.

 * Invented branch name (or url or something) is shown to pushing
   user, as a reference.

 * Automatic email is sent to someone saying "someone pushed this for
   review" with branch name.

AFAICT this is more or less like git-request-pull except that:

 - The objects are stored on the reviewers'/maintainers' system (so
   the submitter does not need to operate or use another git server)

 - The submitter interacts by doing `git push', not by sending an

 - The maintainers' can see the branches in git on their server.

(It may be that there is already some software that does this.  If so
I'm not aware of it.)

Tollef, would that be the kind of thing you would like to use ?
If so I would be happy to discuss a more detailed specification with
you and then implement it.


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