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Re: Re: GitHub “pull request ” is proprietary, incom patible with Git ‘requ est-pull ’

Paul Wise writes ("Re: GitHub “pull request ” is proprietary, incom patible with Git ‘requ est-pull ’"):
> On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 9:13 PM, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> > But if there is server side support for anyone to push to some ref in
> > the maintainer's repository without any authentication in a way that
> > won't otherwise interefere with the maintainer's regular trees, the
> > client side "should be easy".
> This support exists already, for example I pushed the top commit here
> over git://
> http://source.vcs-home.branchable.com/?p=source.git;a=history;f=index.mdwn;hb=HEAD

I'm obviously missing something (perhaps many things) here.

Can you point me at the server code, or configuration that handled
your push ?

That commit is on HEAD.  But the request was for the pushed commits to
land somewhere else.

The push to HEAD must have been authenticated or approved somehow.
How did that happen ?

The request included the notion that the repo or branch owner would
get told somehow about the push.

Do you have a repo of your own that uses this software that I could
try out a push to ?  Or can you point me to the submitter-facing
documentation for an existing repo using this feature ?


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