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Re: GitHub “pull request ” is proprietary, incompatible with Git ‘req u est-pull ’

Antonio Terceiro writes ("Re: GitHub “pull request ” is proprietary, incompatible with Git ‘req u est-pull ’"):
> But if there is server side support for anyone to push to some ref in
> the maintainer's repository without any authentication in a way that
> won't otherwise interefere with the maintainer's regular trees, the
> client side "should be easy".

Such server side support is fairly straightforward.

Would you like me to write you a proof-of-concept ?

> > > 3.3) git pull-request review $id
> > > 
> > >   This would probably be the hardest part, since we would need to devise
> > >   a reasonable UI for the maintainer to comment on the contents of the
> > >   patches. I would imagine that being able to record some review message
> > >   against each hunk of the diffs would be a good beginning. Being able
> > >   to add line-by-line comments, as gerrit allows, would be awesome.
> > 
> > I think this is probably future work.
> > 
> > One approach would be
> > 
> >   git review-push patchbomb-myself $id
> > 
> > which would use git-format-patch and git-send-email in some fairly
> > automatic way.  Then you could reply to the individual patch messages
> > by email.
> I guess the point is storing all of if it the repository itself,

AFAIAA we don't have a plausible gitish storage approach for patch
review comments and status.  That's probably a research problem.
I look forward to other people's work in that area :-).


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