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Re: Huge data files in Debian

Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> writes:
>> I doubt that we can or should reproduce the catalogs from the
>> original exposures in Debian -- this would require disk space,
>> computing power and man power which we obviously don't have.
> May be ftpmaster might give some input here - if we are lucky one
> ftpmaster will join the BoF.
>> [...] At some point we should think about how to get this in our
>> Social Contract.
> No idea whether Social Contract is the proper place for this.

The DFSG is the main base to decide (for ftp-masters) what can go into
Debian and what not -- at least, all rejections I had so far were due to
licensing issues. So, we should provide them either with a good
interpretation of the DFSG, or we should adjust it so that processed
data may have a formal chance to enter Debian.

BTW, to be picky, formally this also applies f.e. to photographs which
are sometimes provided as examples for image processing. Wasn't there a
discussion just about this some days ago?



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