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Re: GitHub “pull request ” is proprietar y, incom patible with Git ‘requ est-pull ’ [and 1 more messages]

Simon McVittie writes ("Re: GitHub “pull request ” is proprietar y, incom patible with Git ‘requ est-pull ’"):
> On 16/07/15 18:14, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > Can you point me at the server code, or configuration that handled
> > your push ?
> Documentation: https://ikiwiki.info/tips/untrusted_git_push/

I think we have been talking at cross purposes.

Some people here in this thread (Antonio Terceiro most clearly) have
been asking for something to support a code submission and review
workflow.  Most of the conversation is to discuss what that problem is
and what a solution might look like.

But I understood Paul to be saying that such software (that, for
example, Antonio is looking for) already exists.  Which is why I asked
these questions about it.  But it turns out that the implementation
you were pointing at doesn't actually do what is needed, as far as I
can see.  It deals with the needs of a wiki, which are rather

I'm aware of the various git hooks; I know how software to do exciting
things with incoming git pushes can be hooked into git.[1]  So I don't
need implementation pointers.

I just want to know if I'd be wasting my time if I wrote something to
try to address the problem discussed in this thread.  Or, if that
would be a waste of time, what needs to be written (or used) instead.


[1] If you really want to be scared, read this:

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