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GCC 5 / libstdc++ abi wiki: can FIXMEs be fixed?


I've heard rumours that GCC 5 is coming :-)

I help maintain several C++ libraries and expect some work is required to get 
through this GCC transition.  I'd like to understand what I'm doing and do it 
right the first time.  I'm just an average C++ programmer, not an avid follower 
of GCC nor even of debian lists.  So below are lots of questions asked out of 
ignorance.  Please don't shoot the messenger/questioner.  :-)

Posts here and bug reports reference the wiki page 
https://wiki.debian.org/GCC5 .  I've read that page and there are a bunch of 
notes embedded within it that just confuse me:

1. "The good news is, that GCC 5 now provides a stable libcxx11 ABI, and 
stable support for C++11 (GCC version before 5 called this supported 
experimental). This required some changes in the libstdc++ ABI, and now 
libstdc++6 provides a dual ABI, the classic libcxx98 ABI, and the new libcxx11 
(FIXME: GCC 5 (<< 5.1.1-20) only provides the classic libcxx98 ABI)."

What does the FIXME refer to?  That the correct statement is "The good new is, 
that GCC 5 (post 5.1.1-20) now provides .."?  Or something else?

2. "libstdc++ doesn't change the soname, provides a dual ABI. Existing C++98 
binary packages will continue to work. Building these packages using g++-5 is 
expected to work after build failures are fixed. FIXME: Will they only work 
when built with _GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI set to 0? By default they will use the 
new libstdc++ ABI."

What's the answer to this FIXME?  What does the last sentence mean?  Does it 
mean that code built using g++5 by default uses the new libstdc++ ABI?  But if 
not rebuilt, existing code will use the existing libcxx98 ABI?  The next 
paragraph says "GCC 6 is expected to change the c++ standard default ..." -- 
but doesn't GCC 5 change the standard default already? 

3. "Library packages built using -std=c++0x or -std=c++11 may have an ABI 
change (unknown yet how many). How to find out about these?"

What does this mean?  Why would they have an ABI change?  And how do we find 

4. "If the library exports some symbols having either _cxx11 or B5cxx11 in the 
symbol name, it may be incompatible, if these are symbols which form part of 
the public API. To find out if these are part of the public API, you would need 
to build all reverse dependencies and see if any of these new symbols are 

Being pedantic: isn't that a signal of ABI (rather than API) change?  More 
importantly: supposing my library does export some such symbols.  Checking 
reverse deps in Debian is of course helpful: if any are referenced, then we 
know the interface changed (or does it?  what if the reverse-dep uses the 
symbol itself internally -- might this show a false-positive?)  But if none 
are found, can we conclude the interface has NOT changed?  I wouldn't think 
so: it may simply be that the code in Debian simply doesn't exercise the 
relevant part of the interface.  If that is the case: how then can one 
convince themself that there really is no change in interface?

Additionally, there are some places where the text confuses me even without 

* "Using different libstdc++ ABIs in the same object or in the same library is 
allowed, as long as you don't try to pass std::list to something expecting 
std::cxx11::list or vice versa. We should rebuild everything with g++-5 (once 
it is the default). Using g++-4.9 as a fallback won't be possible in many 

The first sentence doesn't seem connected to the second two sentences.  What 
does "Using g++-4.9 as a fallback ..." mean?  Why isn't it possible?  What 
cases fail?

* In "Roadmap for libstdc++", it says "Depending on which libstdc++ ABI is 
configured as default ...".

What is the plan now?  Which ABI will be default?

* Section "libstdc++ c++11 incompatibilities (4.9 and 5)" has a short list of 
incompatibilities.  Is this the complete list or just examples?  

* "Passing std::list to something expecting std::cxx11::list or vice versa."

Is this an incompatibility just regarding C++11 in 4.9 and 5?  What if C++11 
code (built with GCC5) passes a list to an old library built using the 
libcxx98 ABI?  Wouldn't that also fail?

Thanks for reading this far!

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