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Re: Bug#791857: ITP: daemonize -- tool to run a command as a daemon

>>> > I can say that it does: start-stop-daemon misses some functionality you
>>> > need for programs that don't daemonise and log to stdout/stderr, which
>>> > is something I needed only last week. Having said that, I think that
>>> This looks like a job for systemd.
>> Yes, all problems are just nails for that hammer!
> Systemd does starting/stopping and managing services very well.
> The tool you want to use in this case is systemd-run, which starts a
> transient service for the command you want to run in the background.
> Cheers,
>     Matthias

Of course, we shouldn't expect everyone to use systemd-run because
that's locking into an init system which should quite obviously be

It does seem like daemonize serves a very unique purpose where
start-stop-daemon is a bit overkill or cumbersome. It's obviously
something that would never be used in an init script where
start-stop-daemon is actually appropriate. However, I can see a few
situations where I would launch this from a script. Not only that...
but I can see myself rewriting some scripts to make use of this if it
were included in Debian.

Just my two cents.

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