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Ad-hoc survey of existing Debian git integration tools

I would like to think some more about the workflows of the existing
tools people are using to work with Debian and git, so that I can
provide good guidance for how these tools work with dgit (and perhaps
send feature requests for those tools, or know what extra features are
needed in dgit).

I am aware of:

 * dgit (obviously)
 * git-buildpackage (and git-import-dsc[s], gbp-pq, etc.)
 * git-dpm
 * git-debian-* (in git-stuff)
 * gitpkg and git-debimport (in gitpkg)

And, relatedly:

 * stgit
 * guilt
 * topgit
 * git-buildpackage-rpm

AFAICT the only tools which attempt to convert between a `3.0 (quilt)'
and a series of git commits are git-dpm and gbp-pq.  Am I wrong about
that ?


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