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Re: Adding support for LZIP to dpkg, using that instead of xz, archive wide

On 06/13/2015 10:23 AM, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> We use "git archive" within the PKG OpenStack team to generate this
> tarball (which is more or less the same as pristine-tar, except we use
> upstream tags rather than a pristine-tar branch). The fact that xz
> produces a different result makes it not reproducible. As a consequence,
> it is very hard for us to use this system across distributions (ie: use
> that in both Debian and Ubuntu, or in Sid & Jessie). We need consistency.

What you want to do neither works wit gzip nor xy. Use pristine-tar, it
was made for that. I can't see why one would not want to use it.

bzed@think /tmp % mkdir foo
bzed@think /tmp % touch foo/bar
bzed@think /tmp % tar cvfz foo1.tar.gz foo
bzed@think /tmp % tar cvfz foo2.tar.gz foo
bzed@think /tmp % md5sum foo*.tar.gz
daae33f08d992cd29cb2040d4709bc32  foo1.tar.gz
ab9be3584f38ffe4791a33bf25ed5cfc  foo2.tar.gz
bzed@think /tmp % gunzip foo*.tar.gz
bzed@think /tmp % md5sum foo*.tar
dfbf1eec4f1a73686fc5bac4d5f82725  foo1.tar
dfbf1eec4f1a73686fc5bac4d5f82725  foo2.tar
bzed@think /tmp % lzip foo*.tar
bzed@think /tmp % md5sum foo*.tar.lz
84393a8d1883f250e44ab66410c0f462  foo1.tar.lz
84393a8d1883f250e44ab66410c0f462  foo2.tar.lz

lzip indeed does what you'd like to have, but imho it is much easier for
you (and with you I mean the openstack people) to use pristine-tar
instead of trying to implement lzip support in dpkg, dak and friends...

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