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"make bootable" tools for different architectures (was: Please use Architecture: linux-any) /usr/share/doc/ files and gzip/xz/no compression Re: Where can I found resource to make very simple Debian package like doc-linux-html… ? Where can I found resource to make very simple Debian package like doc-linux-html… ? [dd-list] Please use Architecture: linux-any [DEP9] progress update (aka what kept me busy during DebConf) Re: [Lennart Poettering] Re: A few observations about systemd Re: [Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#636108: lightdm: does not source ~/.profile Re: [Soc-coordination] Debian mailing lists archives as mbox (was: Re: Debian Teams Activity Metrics - Report IV) [Update] Re: [Soc-coordination] Removing Spam from the Listarchives (was: Debian mailing lists archives as mbox Re: [Soc-coordination] Removing Spam from the Listarchives (was: Debian mailing lists archives as mbox Re: Anonymous read-only access and Vcs-* [Re: Alioth status update, take 3] Re: anyone interested in adopting ICU? apt MD5Sum mismatch is due to multiple DNS queries! apt repository checker? Re: The archive now supports xz compression Re: autopkgtest / DEP8 autopkgtest-devel list (DEP8 etc.) Fwd: Re: BLAST+ speed & build issues Re: Bug#601596: RFH: festival -- General multi-lingual speech synthesis system Bug#630492: Splitting packages Re: Bug#634015: Proposition to team-maintain m2crypto. Re: Bug#636016: ITP: goodbye -- next part after 'hello', and a packaging example Re: Bug#636114: ITP: libdssialsacompat -- DSSI ALSA compatibility library for non-Linux platforms Re: Bug#636164: RFP: apt-clone -- ZFS integrated APT package handling utility Bug#636176: ITP: libxml-xupdate-libxml-perl -- Perl implementation of the XUpdate modification language Bug#636181: ITP: libsnappy-java -- Snappy for Java, a fast compressor/decompresser Bug#636253: ITP: gnome-split -- GNOME Split - File splitter for GNOME desktop Bug#636262: ITP: kbdd -- Per-window keyboard layout switching daemon for X Bug#636273: ITP: pd-unauthorized -- library of Pd objects for streaming and GUI control Bug#636288: ITP: libstring-tokenizer-perl -- Simple string tokenizer Bug#636302: ITP: fso-datad -- freesmartphone data daemon Bug#636308: ITP: fso-common -- configuration files for FSO related devices Bug#636330: RFA: convirt -- management system for open source hypervisors and cloud platforms Bug#636333: ITP: combat -- CORBA scripting with Tcl Bug#636350: ITP: gpac -- multimedia framework for research and academic purposes Bug#636374: ITP: libbusiness-edi-perl -- class for generating U.N. EDI interchange objects Bug#636378: ITP: libcql-parser-perl -- Common Query Language parser Bug#636379: ITP: libnet-z3950-simple2zoom-perl -- gateway between Z39.50 and SRU/SRW Bug#636380: ITP: libsru-perl -- framework for Search and Retrieval by URL Bug#636381: ITP: liblibrary-callnumber-lc-perl -- utility functions to deal with Library-of-Congress call numbers Bug#636399: ITP: cookiesafe-lite -- Control which websites have permission to set cookies. Bug#636443: ITP: python-ttystatus -- terminal progress bar and status output for Python Bug#636444: ITP: obnam -- online and disk-based backup application Bug#636445: ITP: genbackupdata -- generate test data sets for backup software Bug#636504: RFP: pcbsd-netmanager -- PC-BSD Network Manager Bug#636603: ITP: libnet-z3950-simpleserver-perl -- simple perl API for building Z39.50 servers Bug#636604: ITP: compass-layoutgala-plugin -- Compass plugin implementing the Layout-gala CSS styles Bug#636646: ITP: libdevel-hide-perl -- Devel::Hide - Forces the unavailability of specified Perl modules (for testing) Bug#636679: ITP: apitrace -- tool for debugging OpenGL applications and drivers Bug#636698: O: eclipse-pydev Bug#636788: ITP: ruby-gherkin -- lexer and parser for the Gherkin language in Ruby Bug#636792: ITP: cucumber -- acceptance testing tool Bug#636822: ITP: gtimer -- GTK-based X11 task timer Bug#636825: ITP: gtimer -- GTK-based X11 task timer Bug#636843: ITP: libtest-routine-perl -- Perl test framework for tests as composable units of assertion Bug#636859: ITP: test456 -- Another test, not working Bug#636865: ITP: tree-style-tab -- Show tabs like a tree Bug#636866: ITP: status-4-evar -- Status bar widgets and progress indicators for Firefox 4+ Bug#636880: ITP: libexporter-easy-perl -- perl module to take the drudgery out of Exporting symbols Bug#636915: ITP: python-msnlib -- Python implementation for the MSN messenger protocol. Bug#636938: ITP: p11-kit -- Library for loading and coordinating access to PKCS#11 modules Bug#637079: ITP: python-visvis -- Python/OpenGL based 1D to 4D object oriented plotting software Bug#637083: ITP: prison -- barcode API for Qt Bug#637097: ITP: python-dexml -- Dead-simple Object-XML mapper for Python Bug#637109: ITP: pycaptcha -- collection of Python modules implementing CAPTCHAs Bug#637122: general: Realtek RTL8111 with r8169 module causes kernel panic on large packets Bug#637143: ITP: glpi-plugins-webservices -- WebServices plugin for GLPI Fwd: Bug#637146: ITP: numdiff -- Compare similar files with numeric fields Bug#637180: ITP: tuptime -- Report how long the system or other components has been running, count it between restarts. Bug#637185: ITP: muse2 -- Qt4-based audio/MIDI sequencer Bug#637186: ITP: ttf2ufm -- True Type to PostScript Type 1 Font Converter Bug#637200: ITP: libstatistics-distributions-perl -- Statistics::Distributions - Perl module for calculating critical values and upper probabilities of common statistical distributions Bug#637204: ITP: python-leveldb -- Python wrapper for LevelDB Bug#637230: ITP: mobyle -- Mobyle is a wbe portal and framework to provide web interfaces to command-line tools. It is designed though not limited for bioinfomatics. Bug#637232: general: Multiarch breaks support for non-multiarch toolchain Bug#637244: ITP: elib.intl -- enhanced internationalization (I18N) services for Python Bug#637292: ITP: libfile-path-tiny-perl -- Perl module that provides recursive versions of mkdir() and rmdir() Bug#637345: ITP: mspdebug -- free debugger for use with Texas Instruments MS430 MCUs Bug#637351: ITP: urfkill -- urfkill is a daemon for the management of the radio killswitches. Bug#637356: ITP: curtain -- Handy curtain for your desktop Bug#637361: ITP: spotlighter -- Gtk interface to make annotations on the screen Bug#637391: ITP: opensrf -- message routing framework Bug#637422: ITP: libaacs -- free-and-libre implementation of AACS Re: Bug#637454: RFP: bluegriffon -- Next Generation WYSIWYG HTML editor based on Gecko Bug#637454: RFP: bluegriffon -- Next Generation WYSIWYG HTML editor based on Gecko Bug#637476: ITP: libdata-section-simple-perl -- Perl module for reading data from __DATA__ Bug#637541: ITP: ampsharp -- Asynchronous Messaging Protocol library for .NET Bug#637558: ITP: libdata-printer-perl -- colored pretty-printer of Perl data structures and objects Bug#637559: ITP: libtest-mock-redis-perl -- test stub for Redis databases Bug#637613: base: Linux console can't display Korean when the system locale is Korean. Bug#637642: ITP: libbot-training-perl -- Plain text training material for bots Bug#637668: ITP: pinpoint -- Tool for making hackers do excellent presentations Bug#637761: ITP: cavalry -- Mounts a web site. Bug#637765: ITP: pcsc-cyberjack -- REINER SCT cyberJack USB chipcard reader user space driver Bug#637805: general: can't mount a usb drive as a non-root user Bug#637835: ITP: squeak-plugins-scratch -- Squeak plugins for the Scratch programming environment Bug#637849: ITP: python-ordereddict -- Drop-in substitute for Python 2.7's collections.OrderedDict Bug#637862: ITP: mp3fs -- FUSE filesystem for transcoding FLAC to MP3 on the fly Bug#637866: ITP: rastertosag-gdi -- printer driver for Ricoh Aficio SP1100s/SP1100 Bug#637887: ITP: pkg-printing-tools -- various packaging tools for the Debian Printing Team Bug#637892: ITP: python-formalchemy -- auto-generation and customizable form Bug#638182: less: please be more verbose about lesspipe usage in login script Bug#638230: ITP: elki -- ELKI Data mining algorithm development framework Re: Bug#638322: nfs-common: rpc.statd binds to udp port 631 preventing cups startup Re: Bug#638322: nfs-common: rpc.statd binds to udp port 631 preventing cups startup Bug#638322: nfs-common: rpc.statd binds to udp port 631 preventing cups startup Bug#638403: ITP: gbkeeper -- Book Keeping ncurses interface/accounting/database editor Bug#638419: ITP: openxenmanager -- full-featured graphical management tool for Xen using XenAPI Bug#638446: ITP: spotweb -- Web application to search and filter usenet spots Bug#638465: ITP: qxw -- advanced interactive crossword construction tool Bug#638473: ITP: ruby-liquid -- Ruby library for rendering safe HTML and email templates Bug#638504: ITP: mat -- Metadata anonymising toolkit Bug#638533: ITP: sozi -- inkscape extension for creating animated presentations Bug#638554: ITP: news -- GTK-based highly configurable RSS Ticker Bug#638592: ITP: libmsoffice-word-html-writer-perl -- module for writing MsWord documents in HTML format Bug#638627: ITP: libstax2-api-java -- Extension to StAX API for parsing XML documents Bug#638634: ITP: xul-ext-toogle-proxy -- Toggle Proxy adds a status bar icon to toggle between two proxy settings Bug#638650: ITP: subtle -- grid-based manual tiling window manager Bug#638653: ITP: yafaray -- free open-source raytracing engine Re: Bug#638720: ITP: openerp6-server -- Enterprise Resource Management (server) Bug#638720: ITP: openerp6-server -- Enterprise Resource Management (server) Bug#638722: ITP: openerp6-web -- Enterprise Resource Management (web frontend) Bug#638808: ITP: daimonin -- Daimonin is a fantasy MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) which features a large gameworld with engaging background, and is developing many fun and unique features. Bug#638838: ITP: cocot -- Wraps and converts charset encoding of program input/output. Bug#638859: ITP: python-flufl.lock -- An NFS-safe file-based lock with timeouts Bug#638860: ITP: libnews-article-nocem-perl -- a module to generate accurate nocem notices Bug#638861: ITP: python-flufl.bounce -- Email bounce detectors Bug#638862: ITP: pdfrw -- PDF file manipulation library. Bug#638865: ITP: libcdb-file-perl -- Perl interface to Dan Berstein's cdb package. Bug#638968: ITP: libnetmd -- Libraries for accessing Sony NetMD MiniDisc Walkman Bug#638973: ITP: python-smmap -- a pure git implementation of a sliding window memory map manager Bug#638975: ITP: python-async -- a framework to process interdependent tasks in a pool of workers Bug#638976: ITP: python-gitdb -- a pure-Python git object database Bug#638989: ITP: libplack-middleware-deflater-perl -- Compress response body with Gzip or Deflate Bug#638999: ITP: i-news -- GTK-based highly graphically-configurable RSS Ticker Bug#639093: ITP: libnode-generic-pool -- generic resource pooling for Node Bug#639095: ITP: libnode-async -- higher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous Javascript Bug#639111: ITP: libtest-carp-perl -- test your code for calls to Carp functions Bug#639137: general: Freezes when unmounting usb storages (pendrive, hd, etc) Bug#639137: marked as done (general: Freezes when unmounting usb storages (pendrive, hd, etc)) Bug#639145: ITP: vim-conqueterm -- This Vim-Plugin is used to run interactive commands inside a Vim buffer Bug#639185: ITP: open-axiom -- open scientific computation platform Bug#639207: general: pci ****:**:**.* BAR 6 on device ... Bug#639207: marked as done (general: pci ****:**:**.* BAR 6 on device ...) Bug#639207: pci ****:**:**.* BAR 6 on device ... Bug#639212: ITP: uim-chewing -- Universal Input Method - Chewing plugin Bug#639214: eglibc: changes to paths concerning crt1.o, crti.o and crtn.o breaks building LLVM Trunk Bug#639304: ITP: libshell-command-perl -- Cross-platform functions emulating common shell commands Bug#639334: ITP: python-bulkwhois -- Python interfaces to popular bulk WHOIS servers such as Shadowserver and Team Cymru. Bug#639355: ITP: uicilibris -- convert mediawiki contents to a printable book Bug#639362: ITP: newtonator -- The New Tonator synthesizer Bug#639363: ITP: depqbf -- solver for quantified boolean formulae Bug#639366: ITP: cavalry -- Sends files between computers, using any FTP server as a hub. Bug#639404: ITP: libtemplate-plugin-comma-perl -- TT Plugin to commify numbers Bug#639420: ITP: xpra -- tool to detach/reattach running X programs Bug#639431: ITP: libencode-eucjpms-perl -- Perl library for Microsoft Compatible Japanese Encodings Bug#639495: ITP: cpuset -- make using the cpusets facilities in the Linux kernel easier Bug#639498: ITP: tickr -- GTK-based highly graphically-customizable RSS Feed Ticker Bug#639534: ITP: libtest-aggregate-perl -- module for aggregating tests to make them run faster Bug#639535: ITP: libdebian-copyright-perl -- perl module to parse, merge and write Debian copyright files Bug#639583: ITP: herbstluftwm -- manual tiling window manager for X11 Bug#639701: ITP: festvox-ca-ona-hts -- Catalan text to speech voice for festival. 16kHz, HTS, female. Bug#639715: ITP: libjsoup-java -- Java HTML parser that makes sense of real-world HTML soup Bug#639756: ITP: recorditnow -- Qt/KDE application to record the desktop Bug#639774: ITP: gnome-shell-timer -- GNOME Shell extension providing a countdown timer in the top panel Bug#639775: ITP: libdbd-firebird-perl -- Perl DBI driver for Firebird RDBMS server Bug#639788: ITP: itstool -- translate XML documents with PO files Bug#639814: ITP: python-django-autoslug -- An automated slug field for Django. Bug#639820: ITP: scikits.image -- image processing toolbox for SciPy Bug#639829: ITP: libio-prompter-perl -- Perl module to prompt for input, read it, clean it, return it Bug#639864: ITP: libpoe-component-syndicator-perl -- POE component base class which implements the Observer pattern Bug#639868: ITP: chado -- Chado is a relational database schema that underlies many GMOD installations. Bug#639898: ITP: pxljr -- driver for HP's Color LaserJet 35xx/36xx color laser printers Bug#639956: ITP: xc3sprog -- JTAG flashing tool for FPGAs, CPLDs, and EEPROMs Re: Buildd vs. Cowbuilder: broken symlink in procps dev package on one architecture Buildd vs. Cowbuilder: broken symlink in procps dev package on one architecture Re: Buildd vs. Cowbuilder: broken symlink in procps dev package on one architecture combined dependencies? dar-static build failure Re: Debian mailing lists archives as mbox Re: Debian mailing lists archives as mbox (was: Re: [Soc-coordination] Debian Teams Activity Metrics - Report IV) [Update] Debian mailing lists archives as mbox (was: Re: [Soc-coordination] Debian Teams Activity Metrics - Report IV) [Update] Debian s390x port Dependencies of metapackages Docs/examples on how to package a PostgreSQL needing app dynamic Text in package descriptions e2dis: a Jigdo-like tool for Ext2+ FS images Re: emacs on a text console - please help me overcome the shock Emdebian Policy Re: A few observations about systemd Re: gclcvs: Should this package be orphaned (or removed)? getting permission denied with shmat() as non-root git-build-package broken? pristine-tar broken? Re: git-buildpackage could use get-orig-source, uscan ? gnome unstable hanging? gnome-utils vs g-c-c Help for bug #568910 Re: How to close bug #620550? How to close bug #620550? how to debug test build issues form Debian servers ifupdown 0.7~beta1 in experimental ifupdown package interfaces include function The last update was on 07:56 GMT Sun May 13. There are 769 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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