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Re: Bug#638653: ITP: yafaray -- free open-source raytracing engine

Le samedi 20 août 2011 à 17:42 +0200, Matteo F. Vescovi a écrit : 
> Description      : free open-source raytracing engine

“free” and “open-source” are implied by the fact some software is
included in main.

> YafaRay is the result of rewriting the YafRay source code from scratch.
> Mathias Wein started to work on the new engine in December 2005.
> As a result of the rewriting and to make people aware that it was
> actually a completely new engine, the YafRay name was changed into
> YafaRay. Nobody knows for sure what the added 'a' stands for.

The description is unsuitable for the package itself. It should explain
what the software is for, rather than its history.

BTW, can it/will it replace other ray-tracing packages in Debian?

 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
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