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Re: Bug#637351: ITP: urfkill -- urfkill is a daemon for the management of the radio killswitches.

2011/8/11 Karl Goetz <karl@kgoetz.id.au>:
> Hi,
> How does it differ from rfkill, already in the archive? Perhaps the
> description could be updated to make this clear.
> thanks,
> kk

"rfkill" package in the archive is just a simple utility for switch
on/off the RF device.
urfkill handles the hotkeys (KEY_WLAN, KEY_BLUETOOTH, KEY_RFKILL, etc)
and can be configurable to behave differently on the key pressed.
Say, one may like the bluetooth to be switched off too on KEY_WLAN,
whereas in fact KEY_WLAN is for Wifi only, at least literally.

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