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autopkgtest-devel list (DEP8 etc.)

The new autopkgtest-devel list is now open for business at
If you're interested in autopkgtest please subscribe to it.  
I'm going to stop sending emails to these ad-hoc CC lists from now on.

I've also just uploaded autopkgtest 2.0.1, which contains a number of
fixes mostly from Timo Lindfors (thanks, Timo!)

The new git tree on alioth is here:
and I have pushed the latest version there.

I've set the maintainer for the autopkgtest package to the devel list,
with just myself in the uploaders for now.  Please feel free to NMU if
you think it's appropriate, or let me know if you'd like to properly
join the package team.

Thanks for your attention and interest,

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