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Re: How to close bug #620550?


I'm sorry that I've stopped its progress.

On Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 9:58 PM, Ian Jackson
<ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
> Keith Lawson writes ("How to close bug #620550?"):
>> I'm looking for advice on how to get bug #620550[1] closed. This
>> thread[2] on php-maint is the only record I can find of why PHP was
>> switched from GDBM to QDBM. That change introduced gdbm_ symbol
>> conflicts that end up breaking GDBM functionality in other packages
>> (mod_perl2 in my case). I provided patches (which may or may not be the
>> correct approach) to enable building QDBM without the "GDBM emulation"
>> but haven't seen any activity on the bug in months. On all our
>> production squeeze servers we've had to resort to building QDBM from
>> source and replacing the shared lib from the Debian package with our own
>> which isn't ideal. Should that bug be flagged as RC since it breaks
>> functionality in other packages? It would be nice to ensure this problem
>> doesn't exist in the next Debian release if it can't be fixed in stable.

> Yes.  That bug is definitely RC.  IMO it should be cloned into two
> bugs:
>  1. qdbm should not provide gdbm emulation (except perhaps in
>     a separate, separately-installable, .so, although why you'd
>     want to use that in Debian is far from clear)
>     This bug is RC.

I want to make libqdbm14 dropping gdbm emulation, and add a new
exclusive libqdbm14-gdbm package to provide compatibility for people who
uses its gdbm emulation. But, I have trouble with packaging to satisfy
 dpkg-gensymbols, and stop packaging there...

I will ask for help at mentros about how to treat symbols in such case.


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