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ifupdown 0.7~beta1 in experimental


I'd like to announce that ifupdown 0.7~beta1 entered experimental.

This release fixes some issues with IPv6 networking and VLANs support,
and also makes ifupdown a bit more multiplatform; in particular, it adds
incomplete (yet) Debian GNU/kFreeBSD support.

Thanks again to Roger Leigh and to all the bug reporters.

Please do testing and report any issues you encounter with this release.

Also, if you have some knowledge of kFreeBSD and/or Hurd networking,
feel free to help with porting ifupdown to these platforms --- the
current kFreeBSD state is far from perfect, not saying about Hurd at

Here's the complete changes list:

   * Update the examples (Closes: #630551).
   * Remove Default-Stop from the LSB headers (Closes: #630506).
   * Add IPv4LL method (Closes: #204641).
   * Add initial DHCPv6 support.
   * Suggest isc-dhcp-client instead of dhcp3-client (Closes: #631414).
   * Support per-architecture build-time rule definitions.
   * Add a syntax (%iface/a/b%) to perform character replacement over
     variable values.
   * Accept VLAN interface names (Closes: #632902).
   * Update test cases.
   * Correct the spelling of the maintainer's last name.
   * Add partial kFreeBSD support (Closes: #630512).
   * Drop 'ifupdown-clean' init script (not needed any more with /run).


WBR, Andrew

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