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Re: Bug#638808: ITP: daimonin -- Daimonin is a fantasy MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) which features a large gameworld with engaging background, and is developing many fun and unique features.

It seems my last message didn't make it through, so I'll repeat it.

Sure, I'd love to join the team and help out with other packages. :)

Currently I am planning only on packaging the client. The server and
mapmaker (bundled together so users can test their content on localhost)
have few dependencies and are fairly easy to set up. From what I
understand, all parts of the game are free and legal. The only "iffy"
area as far as I am aware is the art. However, all of our sources have
given Daimonin direct permission to use their work. For the legal stuff,
I suggest you contact Michtoen (info@daimonin.org), as I'm not the
expert on that.

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