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Bug#637232: general: Multiarch breaks support for non-multiarch toolchain

Aurelien Jarno wrote:

> I got fed up by people reporting bug on libc6, while this problem results
> from a decision Debian to implement multiarch. People should work on
> implementing a compatibility wrapper and to make upstream toolchain
> multiarch aware. Until this is done, this bug should be kept opened.

Presumably you are referring to Bug#629819 and Bug#637218.

Bug#629819 was about upstream gcc failing to build after crti.o et al
were moved.  This is thorny because

 - the relevant non-Debian compiler is xgcc, which is an intermediate
   product from the build process.  So a compatibility wrapper for
   gcc would not help here, though a nice build script could.

 - gcc's build system is a pain in the neck.

Bug#637218 is a similar problem about headers moving.  Again, the use
case was building and testing upstream gcc.


give a recipe for building non-multiarch-aware gcc in a multiarch

You are right that this doesn't have much to do with eglibc, so I am
tempted to reassign 629819 to general and merge the bugs.  As more
packages use the multiarch paths, it will only become more important
to have a way to communicate their location to non-Debian toolchains.

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