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Re: The archive now supports xz compression

On Thu, 11 Aug 2011, Colin Watson wrote:
> > Since hardcoding gzip for base packages seems to be a bit brittle,
> > we need to work towards allowing xz usage in debian-installer and accept
> > it as a dependency for deboostrap on non-Debian systems (I don't think
> > it's a big issue, xz is portable and is more and more widely used).
> Can you quantify that?  I don't have hard numbers for the non-Debian
> systems where people report running debootstrap; perhaps you do ...

Nope, sorry. I was referring to things like GNOME shipping only .tar.xz.
I mean they would not take such a decision if getting an xz decompressor
was a pain on many systems.

ftp.gnu.org also ships .tar.xz nowadays.

> > I guess that a first step is to have an xz udeb...
> No.  busybox already has an unxz applet, so if we choose to do this then
> we should enable that applet in busybox-udeb, not add a separate udeb.

Ok, then maybe a first step is to verify if deboostrap + busybox's unxz
work correctly together to setup a debian chroot with all base packages
recompiled with xz.

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