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Bug#637613: base: Linux console can't display Korean when the system locale is Korean.

> Hughe Chung wrote:
> > When the user selects only Korean language from installer and install only standard system
> > the console can't display Korean messages at all. 
> > 
> > This is very serious problem for Korean users.

Amaya, le Mon 15 Aug 2011 10:10:09 +0200, a écrit :
> reassign 637613 d-i
> thanks

Well, this is most probably broader than just the installer.

- When selecting one's own language in the installer, the user will want
  the graphical desktop to be in that language too.
- The plain Linux console just can not display some languages such as
  Korean (and there is no real plan to fix that in the mid term or even
  long term)
- There are some fbterms (such as bterm) which are able to show such
  languages, but there is no current plan to integrate them in Debian
  (and I've usually seen security issue with using them for login).

A solution would be, for languages which can't be displayed on the Linux
console, to automatically make the default locale C.UTF-8 for console

More than that, the "system" locale should probably be set to C.UTF-8
too, for /var/log/ files to be readable on the Linux console.


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