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Re: ifupdown package interfaces include function

On 31.08.2011 14:14, Gergely Nagy wrote:
Sébastien Riccio<sr@swisscenter.com>  writes:
If i'm right it seems it has been closed and merged in ifupdown-0.7~alpha4.
The package version installed on my box is:
ifupdown                          0.7~alpha5+really0.6.15
Notice the +really0.6.15. Try with the ifupdown from experimental, which
IS 0.7~alpha, unlike the one in unstable (which has a confusing version,
due to an accidental upload of 0.7~alpha to sid, followed by a revert to
0.6.15 + patches).

Damn, you're right. It works with the right version :) I think I was a bit confused with
the really0.6.15 thing, now I get it!

Thanks a lot for pointing that out.

Best regards,

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