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Help for bug #568910

Dear DDs & DMs,

  I am looking for help on bug #568910. I have been banging my head on
this bug for quite some time. I spent litterally hours tracking it
down, without any success so far.

  Before filling an RFH, I thought I could drop this note on dd@l.d.o
hoping someone would jump in and volonteer some valgrind/gdb/eye-ball
time to track this issue down.

  The bug occur when trying to spellcheck a document. Originally serna
source is pre-shipped with convenient aspell version 0.50.5, the
debian packaging is made so that it uses the system aspell library

  Generally the bug triggers a segfault, but I have seen at least 3
differents location where the segfault occurs (always within the
serna/C++ wrapper around aspell). Thus I *believe* someone is messing
with the stack and the bug is seen only much later.

Thanks very much,

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