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Re: Introducing Build-Recommends / Build-Core-Depends?

* Carsten Hey (carsten@debian.org) [110815 13:36]:
> An optional "Build-Depends:" field per binary package as you described
> is essentially the same as the following, with the notable difference,
> that the below could appear as it is in the output of, i.e., apt-cache
> showsrc without requiring maintainers of all those packages to invent
> a new syntax just to enable users and developers to look up information.
>     Build-Depends[foo-stage1]: debhelper
>     Build-Depends[foo-stage2]: debhelper, libx11-dev
>     Build-Depends: debhelper, libx11-dev, libgnome2-dev

No, it's not.

There is an really large difference: This here means the maintainer
needs to write down by hand what the path to build the package is.

My proposal just documents dependencies, and let the rest to be done
by graph checkers. That means way more documented.

That is the core difference. It does only by hand what needs to be
done by hand, and writing up the path bit by bit isn't.


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