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Re: Bug#637351: ITP: urfkill -- urfkill is a daemon for the management of the radio killswitches.

2011/8/13 Andrea Bolognani <eof@kiyuko.org>:
> I believe you could achieve the same effect using a combination of
> triggerhappy and the aforementioned rfkill, and I don’t like the idea
> of having a special daemon running to handle a subset of the special
> keys when there’s a more general solution to the problem already in the
> archive.
> That said, urfkill might have advantages I don’t see.

"rfkill" has nothing to do with the hotkey management. It is just a
tool to enable/disable a wireless device as specify in the argument.
"urfkill" is a way to manage and toggle these devices based on the
conf file.

The immediate problem is that when KEY_WLAN is commonly generated by
the key press, should bluetooth and 3G be turned off too where there
are in fact keycodes dedicated for each: KEY_BLUETOOTH, KEY_WWAN.

Also as a planned function (but not yet implemented in the code now)
of urfkill, people desire to turn off wifi on the first pressing,
bluetooth on the second and so on... This is only possible if there is
a dedicated daemon for handling this.

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