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Re: gclcvs: Should this package be orphaned (or removed)?

reassign 637058 wnpp
severity 637058 normal
retitle 637058 O: gclcvs -- GNU Common Lisp compiler, CVS snapshot


Since the original maintainer has not argued against this and is not (to
my knowledge) on vacation, I am hereby orphaning gclcvs (and gclcvs-doc).

The full description of the package is:

GNU Common Lisp compiler, CVS snapshot

GNU Common Lisp (GCL) is a Common Lisp compiler and interpreter
implemented in C, and complying mostly with the standard set forth in
the book "Common Lisp, the Language I". It attempts to strike a useful
middle ground in performance and portability from its design around C.

This package contains the Lisp system itself. Documentation is provided
in the gclcvs-doc package.

If no one picks this package up soon (within 14 days give or take) I
will push for its removal on the grounds that it is unmaintained and RC


On 2011-08-08 09:43, Niels Thykier wrote:
> Package: gclcvs
> Severity: serious
> Hi
> I noticed this package have two RC bugs that appears to have gotten
> no attention since March and April (repsectively).  Furthermore it
> was removed from testing on the 3rd of July due to #618127.
> If you still maintain this package and have issues with fixing the
> RC bugs, please tag them "help" or/and ask for help on
> debian-devel@lists.debian.org.
>   Alternatively, if you are semi-busy now, consider filing a RFH against
> wnpp to request a co-maintainer.
> Please note that if you do reply within 14 days time, I will assume
> you have lost interest in the package and put it up for adoption.
> ~Niels

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