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Re: How to close bug #620550?

Keith Lawson writes ("How to close bug #620550?"):
> I'm looking for advice on how to get bug #620550[1] closed. This 
> thread[2] on php-maint is the only record I can find of why PHP was 
> switched from GDBM to QDBM. That change introduced gdbm_ symbol 
> conflicts that end up breaking GDBM functionality in other packages 
> (mod_perl2 in my case). I provided patches (which may or may not be the 
> correct approach) to enable building QDBM without the "GDBM emulation" 
> but haven't seen any activity on the bug in months. On all our 
> production squeeze servers we've had to resort to building QDBM from 
> source and replacing the shared lib from the Debian package with our own 
> which isn't ideal. Should that bug be flagged as RC since it breaks 
> functionality in other packages? It would be nice to ensure this problem 
> doesn't exist in the next Debian release if it can't be fixed in stable.

Yes.  That bug is definitely RC.  IMO it should be cloned into two
  1. qdbm should not provide gdbm emulation (except perhaps in
     a separate, separately-installable, .so, although why you'd
     want to use that in Debian is far from clear)
     This bug is RC.
  2. Unless someone knows why PHP is using qdbm, it should IMO be
     switched back to gdbm.  This is not RC I think.

Keith, would you care to send the appropriate control messages to the
BTS to do this ?  I would do it myself but I'm not entirely sure of
the right package names and version numbers and I think you are more
likely to get that right.  I have CC'd the report.

I'm not sure what to do about stable.


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