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Re: anyone interested in adopting ICU?

Please reply to me directly (or CC me on replies) as I am not currently
subscribed to debian-devel.

Enrico Weigelt <weigelt@metux.de> wrote:

> * Jay Berkenbilt <qjb@debian.org> schrieb:
>> I'm looking for someone who might like to take over the icu package.
>> This is ICU4C (C/C++), not to be confused with ICU4J (Java), which is a
>> separate package maintained by someone else.  ICU is "International
>> Components for Unicode".
> If it's not urgent, I'd like to take the job (need some time to set
> up an recent Debian build machinery again, as I didn't use it for
> almost a year now, and I'm little bit busy right now :().
> . . .

I should have done this a long time ago, but I finally got around to
posting an RFA for this.  The bug number is 638590.

Jay Berkenbilt <qjb@debian.org>

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