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Re: combined dependencies?

On Sat, Aug 20, 2011 at 07:55:10AM +0100, Michael Tautschnig wrote:
> Hi Harri,
> > would it be possible to support combined dependencies,
> > e.g. if package A and B are installed, then package C(A)
> > has to be installed, too?
> > 
> > That might be helpful for dkms packages, for example.
> > A would be the kernel, B the dkms package, and C(A)
> > would be the headers for A.
> What event would induce installation of C(A)?! Let's assume neither A nor B are
> installed.
> apt-get install A
>   (no point installing C(A))
> apt-get install B
>   (B does not depend on C(A), otherwise this discussion is pointless)
>   ... time passes ...
> magic install C(A)
>   ???

No, you can't install B without C(A) if A is installed, that's the whole
point of conditional dependencies.  Thus at the second command apt would
pull in C(A) or throw an error if it's uninstallable.

If A is installed, B gains Depends:C(A).
If B is installed, A effectively gains Depends:C(A).
If you try to install A and B in one go, C(A) will go in as well.
If you try to uninstall C(A), either A or B has to be uninstalled.

The semantics are pretty obvious to me, it's the number of corner cases and
complexity that this brings what stops dpkg/apt/aptitude/100-other-tools
maintainers from implementing that.

(Let's rename "C(A)" to "C" for now, the former name makes no sense except
when talking about dkms.)

Logically, what you want is: !(A & B & !C)

This is: C | !A | !B

Technically, you could already get this effect by introducing a dummy
package no-B that "Breaks: B" and having A "Depend: C | no-B".

In the case of dkms, there's one dkms and many kernels so B=dkms, A=kernels.
Too bad, linux-image-$FOO depending on linux-headers-$FOO|no-dkms would be
too ugly to live.  Just think of confusing messages from apt...

This could be done by no-B being a new kind of a virtual package, but I for
one don't volunteer to code that.

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